Palace Gardens of Versailles

Dude Ranch

For an all-American, complete wilderness adventures, and outdoor activities vacation, experience one of the amazing Dude Ranches in the mid-west, including The Resort at Paws Up and ignite your adventurous heart.  


Guests will relish every moment of their journey as they glide along on one of seven luxurious barges. They will relax in stylish comfort and dine on sensational cuisine as they drift along picturesque riverbanks. Customised itineraries range from truffle hunting and go-karting to hot air ballooning and horse-riding.

With access to the world’s best tour partners and their expertise, your most memorable trips are yet to come – whenever you’re ready to take them.  Eloise works with the leading tour operators and on-site tour connections, and with you, to create amazing customized travel experiences around the world, from group and escorted tours to independent vacations. You are guaranteed exclusive experiences and VIP treatment.

Luxury Train Vacations

With a maximum of 36 passengers, experience luxury the way it was meant to be enjoyed,  surrounded by dramatic and breathtaking natural scenery, on the Belmond Royal Scotsman.

Taste of the Highlands, Scenic Wonders, Clans, Castles & Isles, or Scotch Malt Whisky Tour, enjoy an unforgettable 4 Days - 8 Days experience on the legendary Belmond Royal Scotsman.