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Eloise's Story

Whether chasing the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, frolicking on pristine beaches in the Caribbean, or touring historic towns throughout Europe and Central America, some of Eloise's fondest memories are trips taken with her family. She cherishes every moment they spend experiencing different global destinations together.
Eloise's niche is her ability to create exclusive experiences tailored specifically to each traveler's unique needs. After years of curating successful relationships with prestigious travel companies, she now works closely with these local tour operators and guides to create seamless itineraries in each destination. For anxious travelers, Eloise arranges telephone and video conferences, allowing her clients the opportunity to pose their questions or concerns directly to local guides before departing their hometowns. Each of Eloise’s luxury guides and suppliers around the world have been thoroughly vetted and are fluent in English.
Each day, Eloise has the pleasure of working with select travelers of varying age groups with a myriad of trip requests. She diligently customizes itineraries to suit each client's needs, with utmost respect for privacy.

Whatever your travel preference, Eloise welcomes the opportunity to discuss your next amazing vacation.

Eloise is ready to discuss and create your next exceptional vacation. 

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