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When the late Anthony Bourdain finally made it to Croatia in 2011, he chided himself for taking so long to experience this slice of heaven. He raved as he dined on sumptuous cuisine and enjoyed more than his share of world class wines. He reveled in the natural beauty of the country: idyllic beaches, white stone villages, and fields of lavender. He mingled with warm and friendly Croatians, and he urged every traveler to make it a priority to visit Croatia.

FOOD: Croatia is a foodie paradise and offers a plethora of sensational culinary experiences. Heavily influenced by the Venetians, Romans, Greeks, Hungarians, and Austrians, each region offers its own unique cuisine. From meat dishes and stews spiced with black pepper, paprika, and garlic found inland to seafood cuisine cooked with rosemary, bay leaf, oregano, and olive oil in the coastal regions, there is a dish to excite every hungry traveler.

WINE: The art of winemaking has been slowly perfected in the region, starting with the Greeks who first settled on the southern Dalmatian Islands over 2400 years ago. With over 800 wineries the Croatians know a thing or two about making good wines. You are bound to find a glass or a bottle that is pleasing to your palate.

BEACHES: Imagine yourself frolicking along pristine, aquamarine beaches, shaded by olive and fig trees on the Dalmatian Coast. Whether you are looking for a hidden cove or a party scene, Croatia will not disappoint.

CULTURAL EXPERIENCES: Come explore a country steeped in history. Marvel at its architecture and become intrigued by the monarchs who left their legacies behind. Learn about the production of lavender and olive oil. Island hop along the breathtaking Dalmatian Coast, taking in scenic coves and historic villages and tasting the wines and foods along the way. Enjoy an exclusive cooking class with one of Croatia’s renowned chefs. With eight cultural and two natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as a stunning first century Roman Amphitheater and the internationally admired Plitvice Lakes National Park, history buffs and adventure seekers will be deeply satisfied.

ACTIVITIES: Offering all manner of land and water activities, Croatia is a number one destination for active travelers. You can swim, snorkel, dive, zipline, hike, cycle, kayak, canoe, fish, sail, river raft, ski, climb, horseback ride, and much more.

COST: The most surprising element of a Croatian vacation is just how affordable it can be. Whether you are a solo traveler, couple, a multi-generation family or even a group of friends, this is one destination that will not disappoint. Charming boutique hotels, beautiful villas, unique farmhouses, and private yacht holidays await you when you are ready to visit.

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Thanks and photo credits to Calvados Club & Croatia Tourism

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